Z CANDLES was established by Erica Zabudsky who has a passion for creating comfortable cozy spaces with a high belief that candles are an important element in creating a desirable environment, not only in appearance but in aroma. 


Z CANDLES contain 100% soy wax derived from domestic soy beans and are hand poured into modern amber glass jars.  Our candles do not contain dyes or phthalates, meaning there are no chemicals released into the air and are safe for you, your little ones and your pets.  Our wicks are made from natural cotton and do not contain lead or zinc.


Our candles are not overpowering with fragrance, but enough to create a pleasant aroma in your space, allowing you to burn your candle for 3-4 hours at a time without being offensive with intense fragrance.  We offer three sized candles depending on your space and preference of fragrance intensity.  When lit, the amber tinted jar warmly glows, creating ultimate coziness and style to your home or space. 

We are consistently adding new scents, in addition to seasonal scents and encourage you to follow us on Instagram for new scent announcements. 



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